Shipbuilding Industry in Brazil
100 Years (1960 – 2060)

MSE Raúl E. Podetti presents, thanks to the help of Brazilian collaborators, the result of his research on this strong industrial sector in Brazil. The help of the IPIN, where the results of this analysis will be presented in the near future, was key.

Just as the other publications, the research is divided into four parts: History, Industry, Politics and Future. The first three refer to the most relevant aspects of this activity in the past 60 years (1960 – 2020), with an emphasis on the most recent ones.

The last part takes the bases of the other three and goes over a series of proposals and future impactful projections for the next three decades, therefore completing the century suggested on the thesis.

The work continues the one initiated by Podetti in Argentine Maritime Industry – 100 Years (1937 – 2036) (2018) while focusing on the largest industrial expression of the naval sector in Latin America. It was made possible thanks to the vast literature on the subject as well as the multiple interviews performed during 2019 to key people of the industry in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Some of the most powerful contributions of this work are:

Timeline: it graphically portrays the milestones and historical stages

Value and Employment: these criteria allow an analysis of the evolution of the sector regardless of the type of ships built during these years

Database: information on the 1,250 major vessels built in Brazil between 1960 and 2020 is exposed and analyzed for the first time. These represent 98% of the total generated value (60,000 MMusd)

Marine Parameters: developed and compared to foreign industries, making it very significant

Marine Political Vectors: a vector is designed and applied in order to outline future political proposals to each sector

Export Stage (2021 – 2060): the characteristics of the next shipbuilding industry stage are outlined and its strategic aspects are analyzed in order to experience some consolidation instead of an early crisis in the industry

2060 Future Projection: with a rigorous qualitative-quantitative analysis, the evolution of the demand for each naval sector is mapped out, as well as the possible scenarios. The industrial, financial, work and sector risk impacts are analyzed

100 Years in Perspective: together with the Timeline, this makes for 100 years

Argentina and Brazil: initial similarities and parallel opportunities that were exploited differently through opposing politics in the past decades are outlined. The Brazilian results are shocking in comparison to the Argentinian ones of poverty and underdevelopment of the marine activity as a result of the political and economic scenario in the country.

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“I met Raúl in the offices of the Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia Naval (SOBENA) in Rio de Janeiro in 2019. He had just begun his research for this book and I was mesmerized by his enthusiasm and his knowledge on the shipbuilding industry.
This book will surely help – if not answer – in the search for the right answers about the shipbuilding industry in Brazil.
Raúl is Argentinian, which means he can closely observe our reality in an unbiased way and analyse the data on the evolution of this industry in the same way. Moreover, he writes about this in a didactic, enjoyable and informative way. This is a very good reading indeed!”.

Luis de Mattos
President of Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia Naval – SOBENA

Raúl Eugenio Podetti

Born in Buenos Aires in 1958, he studied in the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires and graduated as a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer from the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA). He later got an MSE from the University of Michigan (USA) and an MBA from IAE – Austral University (Argentina).

In the United States, he worked in offshore platforms shipyards; in Argentina he developed entrepreneurships in tourism, fishing and entertainment. In 1976 he started working at the SANYM shipyard, of which he was CEO for 8 years.

He was Vice President of the Río Santiago shipyard and part of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Federation of Shipbuilding Industry (FINA) for over 10 years – organization for which he was also Vice President until December 2017.

He is a Postgraduate lecturer at ITBA and a Researcher for the Interdisciplinary Program for Development of the University of Buenos Aires (PIUBAD).

In 2018 he published together with his father the book Argentine SHipbuilding Industry – 100 Years (1937 – 2036), which quickly became the main bibliographic reference of the sector. This inspired him to broaden his study on the individual problematics of the various niches of the industry.

The result is the Shipbuilding Industry Collection presented here that has gathered true experts of each of the topics for discussion in co-authorship in every volume.

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Shipbuilding Industry in Brazil – SOBENA 2020

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Executive summary – Industria Naval de Brasil

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Draft Summary – 30/4/2020 – Industria Naval de Brasil

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Brazilian Naval Industry – 100 Years (1960 – 2060) – PREFACE

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