Design and Construction of Lightships in Argentina
100 Years (1950 – 2050)

Raúl E. Podetti
Jorge Regnicoli

Jorge Perez Patiño

The authors, Regnicoli and Pérez Patiño, contribute with their viewing of this marine sector with a different dynamic than that of the heavy shipbuilding industry. The combination of Podetti’s experience in the analysis of shipbuilding industry together with Regnicoli and Pérez Patiño’s as experts in lightweight ships allows for a retrospective and prospective outlook.

Following the scheme of the rest of the publications, the research is divided into four parts: History, Industry, Politics and Future. The first three refer to the most relevant aspects of this activity in the last 70 years (1950 – 2020), with an emphasis on the most recent ones.

The last part takes the basis of the other three and goes over a series of proposals and future impactful projections for the next three decades, therefore completing the century suggested on the thesis.

The scope of this volume reaches the design, construction and repairing of lightweight ships (speedboats, cruises, yachts, catamarans), either for pleasure, tourism, passenger transportation and port services.

The work seeks to briefly go through the history of this activity, highlighting the main achievements and thus creating a timeline that will allow associate the development and promotion policies. Due to the close relationship of this sector to sports, the timeline will also have the most important marine sporting milestones.

In development

This research was carried out by Ing. Raúl E. Podetti with the collaboration of Jorge Pérez Patiño and Jorge Regnicoli

Jorge Perez Patiño

He was born in 1956 in the city of Bahía Blanca. He studied at the Marianist School of Buenos Aires and got a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires.

He got postgraduate work experience on shipyards from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Tokyo and Kure, Japan. There, he specialized in functional organization and structural calculus finite elements method.

He worked in fishing and tug ships design at SANYM. Later, he took part of the Naval Project Management of AFNE and at the Commercial Management area at Río Santiago Shipyard (ARS). From 1998 to 2002 he was Chief of Constructions in Reinforced Plastics in such shipyard.

He has been a lecturer on Fluid Mechanics and other programs at the Naval Architecture Department of the National Quilmes University (UNQ) since 1999. He directed the mentioned degree between 2015 and 2019 and is currently still active in his teaching.

He works freelance and since 2004 has been a Consultant and Technical Advisor for North Sails, where he has worked in Olympic projects that won medals for Santiago Lange and other athletes from the UK and Brazil. He also participates in regattas and has won various Argentine Championships

Jorge Perez Patiño