State Shipbuilding in Argentina
100 Years (1950 – 2050)

Ing. Raúl E. Podetti
Ing. Fernando Sanchez Checa

The authors, Sánchez Checa and Podetti – together with distinguished collaborators – share their perspective as protagonists of this dynamic sector of the national maritime field. Their experience as maritime engineers, ship builders and well-known businessmen of the field allows them to bring retrospective and prospective visions about this activity.

Following the structure of the rest of the publications, this research is divided into four parts: History, Industry, Politics and Future. The first three refer to the most relevant aspects of this activity in the last 70 years (1950 – 2020), with an emphasis on the most recent ones.

The final part takes the bases of the first three and goes over a series of proposals and future impactful projections for the next three decades, therefore completing the century suggested on the thesis.

The scope of this work reaches three roles of the State regarding Shipbuilding Industry: Regulator, ShipOwner and Shipbuilder. In order to do so, there will be a revision and insight on the historical, industrial and political analysis presented in Argentine Maritime Industry – 100 Years (1937 – 2036) in regards to the role of the State.

The study will also include the following research and analysis:

  • Interviews to the main referents of the recent and current ‘Shipbuiulding State’ (civic functionaries, military, union leaders, managers, business people, suppliers, clients, etc.)
  • Mapping and comparative analysis of the answers of previous interviews that seek to identify common conceptions and basic coincidences.
  • ARS: status and forecast according to alternative models. Comparisons between state, national and foreign entities.
  • TANDANOR + STORNI: status and forecast according to alternative models. Comparisons with national and foreign entities.
  • BNPB: status and forecast according to alternative models. Comparisons with national and foreign entities.
  • ARA, PNA, INIDEP, DNCPYVN: fleet status and needs forecast. Analysis of the reasons for the avoidance of the participation of the Argentine industry. Different ways to change that attitude and comparison with other nations.
  • The Antarctic Logistics: analysis of the strategic opportunity for seizing competitive advantages to help develop the powerful polar shipbuilding industry. This will be done with an alignment towards the export of high added value services promoting a sustainable alternative of reconversion for Ushuaia port.
  • National Merchant Marine: discussion on the subject and analysis of different forecasted scenarios. Comparisons with other nations.

In development

This research was carried out by Ing. Raúl E. Podetti with the collaboration of Ing. Fernando Sánchez Checa

Fernando Sánchez Checa

Born in 1962 in Argentina, he graduated as Naval Architect and Marine Engineer from the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) and got a postgraduate degree on Port Management and Waterways from the same institute.

He worked for shipyards and shipping companies but his vastest experience is as a consultant as the following:

  • Advisor to the Presidency of the Industry Commission at the National Chamber of Deputies during the treatment of the Shipbuilding Industry and Merchant Marine laws
  • Executive Coordinator for the Shipbuilding Industry and value chain Forum
  • International Consultant for the Development for Suppliers of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  • Chief of the Department for Small and Medium Industries of the Industrial Union of Argentina (UIA) and Director of the Eurocentre for the same institution (AL-INVEST Program of the European Commission for the internalization of Small and Medium Industries)
  • Executive Coordinator of 11 value chains of the National Secretariat of Industry of Argentina
  • Consultant at the International Labor Organization (ILO)
  • Coordinator of the Business Management and Industrial Links Program of the National Secretariat for Small and Medium Enterprises

He is currently and Advisor for the Argentine Federation of Shipbuilding Industry (FINA) and Director of the Naval, Maritime, Fluvial and Port Industries Observatory.

Fernando Sánchez Checa

Rio Santiago Shipyard

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The State Shipyards – Similar International Cases

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State Shipyards – Comparable Regional Cases

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OPV case. Background of the French shipyard preferred by the Argentine Navy

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OPV case. National Budget 2019

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State naval corruption cases (2015-2018)

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OPV and the Navy

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