Marine LNG in Argentina

Ing. Raúl E. Podetti
Ing. Carlos Casares

Casares and Podetti join their complementary experiences on gas and ships to enrich this investigation. The application of naval LNG in Argentina shows very good opportunities for economic, environmental and social development. This is especially positive for the marine industry that could eventually show some recovery.

The volume summarizes the research on the impact on Marine LNG in the country. At the same time, it analyzes cases of design, construction and conversion of vessels, as well as fluvial and marine infrastructure to ensure the efficient and safe supply of LNG to ships and other related
land demands.

The book has two parts: a contextualization of the issue and a more specific focus on the Argentine scenario.

Marine LNG
The General Proposal investigates the origin of this use as well as the environmental and economic reasons for its adoption and the initial dynamics.

The analysis of the Global Context is done in two directions: geographical and technological. In the first case, the dynamics of Europe, Asia, America and polar sectors are shown. In the second case, the most recent technical solutions for marine LNG applied to terminals and various types of ships are presented, with greater interest in relevant cases for the region.

Marine LNG in Argentina
An analysis of the LNG Market in Argentina is presented, which attempts to size the current and projected Demand and imagine adequate Supply schemes, presenting a case of LNG Study in the NEA.
Then the study focuses on Marine LNG in the Waterway, quantitatively analyzing the environmental, economic and social impacts, as well as their interrelationships.

The rest of the sectors in Marine LNG in Fishing and Other Sectors of Argentina are then analyzed. The chapter concludes with a series of Projections and Recommendations.


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This research was carried out by Ing. Raúl E. Podetti with the collaboration of Ing. Carlos Casares

Carlos Casares

He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from ITBA in 1983, specializing in Gas in 1985 (University of Buenos Aires, UBA) and later studied also at CONET and IAE.

He has been involved with the Natural Gas Industry for 35 years, specializing on technical works at Gas del Estado, commercial works at Tecpetrol S. A. and regulatory works at the Directory of the National Gas Regulation Agency (ENARGAS). He was Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons and Fuels at the Secretary of Energy in 2019. He has been a lecturer for undergraduate and graduate degrees for over 25 years at ITBA and IGPUBA, being also tutor for multiple dissertations over the years.

Casares teaches courses and seminars on Measurements, Compression, Processing, Transport, Marketing and the Use of Gas as well as Economics and Regulations in national (IAPG, ISE, CAI, UNSa, UTN-FRBB, CEARE) and Latin American institutions (CBH, UNSAAC).

He has been a life member of IAPG since 1985, actively integrating the Publications, Transport and Treatment, and Gas Medition Commissions, together with the Subcommittee of Gas Quality IRAM-IAPG.

He has written for congresses, seminars and magazines, and is co-author of Technical, Strategic and Economic Aspects of Transport and the Distribution of Gas, (IAPG, 2014). He is a ‘Peer Evaluator’ at CONEAU since 2009 and a life member of University of Buenos Aires Club (CUBA) since 1977.

Carlos A. M. Casares

Marine LNG Market in Argentina – SOBENA 2020

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Marine LNG Market in Argentina

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